How To Download Videos/ Photos from Whatsapp Status 2023 ?

Download Videos/ Photos from Whatsapp Status Since its debut in 2017, people have used WhatsApp status updates to communicate their opinions, news, and occasionally amusing posts. Sharing stories on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat is comparable because they all end automatically after 24 hours. We frequently find ourselves liking someone’s WhatsApp status but not knowing how to store it on our device. We ask our friends to submit the raw video or photo so that we can share the statuses with others because we are unable to download them directly from the app. Some of us use the screen recorder to record the video that is shared as a WhatsApp status and the screenshot tool to save the image.

Download Videos/ Photos from Whatsapp Status

Download Videos/ Photos from Whatsapp Status

Want to download a WhatsApp status that you liked without asking the source because you liked it? We’ve got your back. Users of the social messaging network cannot currently download the status updates made by their connections. There is a workaround, though. To download the WhatsApp status on your Android or iPhone, just take a screenshot if it’s an image. You can find the WhatsApp status video in the file manager app or by using tools for screen recording. If you’re unsure how to download WhatsApp status videos and photographs, What if there was a quick way to download images and videos from a WhatsApp status? Here are some simple instructions that you may use to download WhatsApp status to an Android device.

Download Videos/ Photos from Whatsapp Status Details

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Download status using Google’s Files service

  • Click on the Menu option at the top right corner of the smartphone screen.
  • Open the Settings option.
  • Switch on the ‘Show Hidden Files.’
  • Navigate to the File manager of your device in the internal storage option, select WhatsApp and choose Media, and Select statutes.
  • You can overlook the files that you have seen on WhatsApp.
  • Now you can select the image and video you want to save.
  • You can press the selected item for a longer period by selecting a location like Camera, WhatsApp Images, and Downloads.

Download Status using File Manager 

Have you ever wondered where these images and movies are temporarily stored? On your smartphone, these media files are cached in the WhatsApp folder. However, these media files likewise disappear after the 24-hour mark, just like the app’s 24-hour policy. How to access certain files is provided below.

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  • Open the WhatsApp application and check the WhatsApp Status you want to download
  • Next, open the File Manager app.
  • You can download the Files via Google from the play store.
  • On the Settings Page of File Manager, enables the ‘Show hidden files.
  • In your phone’s internal storage, there will be a folder named ‘WhatsApp’.
  • Next, select the media and then the statuses.
  • In the folder, you will see the status videos and photos that have been present in the past 24 hours.
  • Just copy, and paste the images and videos to some other folder.

Download Status using Status Saver apps 

  1. Open WhatsApp and view the statuses which you need to save/download.
  2. Open Play Store on your Android and install – Status Saver. You can also click on the link below to open it in your browser/Play Store.
    Download Status Saver from Play Store
    Allow the app to access your device’s photos, media, and files. Because that’s how the app will read the storage to collect WhatsApp Status images.
  3. Select the images or videos which you want to save and tap on the Save icon ().
  4. Images or videos which you save will be stored in the internal storage of your phone.

That’s it! You just permanently archived your friend’s WhatsApp status or story. From within the app, users will have access to all saved statuses. If you require direct access to the folder, launch the File Manager application and navigate to Internal storage > Status Saver.

Download Status using Screenshot and Screen Record 

While any photograph viewed on a WhatsApp statue can be simply screenshotted, the struggle is exclusive to the videos. Many Android smartphones, including Xiaomi models, now come with built-in screen recorders, nevertheless. You may therefore use them to record your screen and then edit the video so that only the status is visible. Additionally, you can always search the Play Store for screen recorder apps if your smartphone does not come with one.

Can I download a photo or video from WhatsApp status on an iPhone?

The native screen recorder or screenshot tools are what the iPhone’s secure operating system relies on. On iPhone 8 or earlier versions, you must simultaneously press the home and power buttons. You must simultaneously push the volume up and power buttons on iPhone X and subsequent models. Videos are no different. Additionally, it would help if you used a native screen recorder compatible with iOS 11 or later versions. The control center houses the screen recorder.

  • To download WhatsApp status videos on iPhone, go to ‘Control Centre’ and select the screen recording option
  • If the option is not visible there, open iPhone’s Settings menu -> select ‘Control Centre’ -> and tap on the ‘+’ icon next to the Screen Recording option
  • With the Screen Recording on, open WhatsApp -> go to the Status window -> and play the WhatsApp Status video you wish to download
  • After the entire video is recorded, swipe down from the top and hit stop recording from the notification panel. Alternatively, you can press the power button. The video will automatically be saved on your phone’s Photos app 

When you use the video as your WhatsApp status, you can cut out the unnecessary portions. That’s it! Any WhatsApp status image or video can be saved by following the aforementioned instructions. The processes for downloading status on a desktop computer are essentially unchanged. To download WhatsApp status images and videos onto your laptop or desktop computer, you can either take a still photo or utilize a screen recorder program.

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